Solar Bikinis that Can Power Your iPod, iPhone, & More

Keep your gadgets charged with this sexy solar powered bikini

What’s hotter than a solar panel bikini? Not much for us clean energy geeks. Truthfully, I have to say that this creation of Brooklynite Andrew Schneider looks a little strange, but it’s also quite a cool and interesting concept. Now, you are probably wondering at this point, is this for real? Can you really create solar power from your bathing suit? Can you actually swim in this thing? The answers: yes, yes, and yes. … [Read more...]

2 Cool Green Gadgets That Help You Save Energy… and Money!


One of the greenest things you can do is be more energy efficient, but that just sounds like a drag or an unsolicited responsibility or something, doesn’t it? There are actually a ton of ways to become much more energy efficient (and technologies to help you do so) that you might actually find some that are cool and fun. Take these 2 gadgets, for example...   … [Read more...]

New iPhone Wind Energy App Released

Do you think using more solar energy and wind energy is a good idea?Of course you do.Do you ever think, “I wonder how much wind energy I could produce with a wind turbine in my backyard,.. or on that piece of land,.. or on top of that mountain?”Maybe, maybe not.If you have, or if you think you will ponder such things now that I’ve brought this up, you’ll be happy to find out that Danish wind energy giant Vestas has released a new iPhone/iPad/iPod touch wind energy app … [Read more...]

Geocache a Forest With Your iPhone or Android Device

Geocaching: Using GPS coordinates to track down hidden (but useless) crap and leave other useless crap in its place...but hey, you still feel like Indiana Jones doing it!Seriously though, geocaching is growing in popularity in the U.S., and it's now easier than before.  … [Read more...]

3 Green DIY Projects For Your Car

Everyone spends so much time in their cars these days that it makes sense to want to rock some DIY projects to make the space a little homier. I mean hey, who doesn't want to make a laptop stand that uses a cup holder for its base? Well, read on to find out how to make that and 2 other incredible DIY car projects.   … [Read more...]

7 FREE & Amazing Cardboard DIY Projects That Will Save You $100’s


Laptops really aren't made for our laps anymore are they? Instead of going out and spending $100's on a fancy-schmancy laptop stand or docking station, why not make your own FOR FREE?? GreenUpgrader came up with the original plans for this eco-friendly computer stand, and they'll walk you through how to build it, too. After I saw this awesome idea at GreenUpgrader, I got to wondering, "What other cool stuff can you make for FREE from cardboard? As it turns out, there are all kinds of … [Read more...]