Popular Air Purifying Plants: 10 Best Indoor Plants That Clean The Air While Improving Your Home Decor

Best Indoor Plants

Did you know that indoor plants can clean the air and make the environment inside your home healthier? Plant-filled rooms contain up to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Source NASA studies have confirmed that houseplants have remarkable air-cleansing capabilities. Just 1 potted plant located every 100 square feet can make a difference in the air quality inside your home. … [Read more...]

Spring To Do List: 4 Green Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Toxin-Free


Even with the first day of spring just a scant 11 days behind us, some people’s thoughts have almost certainly turned to spring cleaning. There are 4 very important things that should be on your springtime to-do list. These items will help protect your family from dangerous toxins and get your home in tip-top shape and ready for spring.   Spring Green To Do List … [Read more...]

103-Year-Old Cyclist May Be World’s Oldest


We support cycling a lot around here, since it’s both one of the greenest things you can do (in place of driving) and it’s a lot of fun. But while we’ve written posts on 5 reasons to bike commute, 5 hidden benefits of bike commuting, various bike events, and some super cool bikes, sometimes we skim over that fun part. I guess it’s sort of implied. But the story I’m about to tell you a little about brought that key benefit to the forefront of my mind recently. … [Read more...]

SIGG Water Bottle Review: See Why These Water Bottles ROCK!

Everyone loves a perfect marriage of form and function -- even in a water bottle. There are plenty of awesome reusable water bottle companies out there, but SIGG is one of the best... hands down. These Swiss-made water bottles are stylish, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and come in a staggering number of styles. I've had 3 different SIGG water bottle styles (2 of which I bought, and 1 that SIGG sent me to review). So let's take a look at the SIGG wide mouth, wide mouth sport, and … [Read more...]

7 Fun & Green New Year’s Resolutions

A new year is so refreshing. It's like hitting the reset button and feeling like you have a fresh start again. If you've been trying (or maybe even failing) to live green, the new year gives you a good opportunity to find some new and fun ways to live greener. Here are a few such ideas... … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For The Ladies

Following up on last week’s Green Gifts for Guys post, here’s one for the girls. Of course, most of the items on this list could go to guys as well (and same with the previous list)... but these are items that came to mind for the ladies, in particular.   … [Read more...]

Behind On Thanksgiving Cooking? Crock Pot to the Rescue!

I'm busier this year than I've ever been. How about you? With spare time becoming more sparse by the day, it's easy to get behind...especially during the holidays.If you find yourself scampering about trying to put together a delicious Thanksgiving meal, but still running short of time, drag our your crock pot.What?Yep, cooking some of those favorite Thanksgiving staples in a crock pot can not only save you time and energy, but can also take your staple side dishes to new heights of flavor. … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Green Your Morning Routine

We often focus on things, products, or stuff when we write about going green -- disconnecting them from people’s daily lives a bit. I think this limits the degree to which people incorporate green practices or green products into their lives. So, rather than just randomly create a list of some things you can do or buy to go green, I thought I’d focus such a list around the story of your day a bit. … [Read more...]

Want To Live Green? Start With Your Food… Eat Greener Today!

Alright so you’re looking for a way to live a little greener, eh? Well why not start with the stuff that allows us to keep living in the first place? That’s right, I’m talking about food. It seems like sometimes we search and search for new, unique ways to live green and we forget about the most obvious way. You might be asking, “what does it mean to eat greener?”. What I mean by eating “greener” is to eat food that is organic. But why is that important? … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Green Your Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. I know I am behind in getting ready for it, but assuming that others are more on top of things, here are a few ideas for how to green your Halloween. These ideas will help you green everything from your Halloween candy to your Halloween decorations and even your Halloween costume! … [Read more...]