Green Gadgets For Dummies: THE Book Every Tech Geek Should Own

Wake up! Your beloved electronics are sucking the life out of your budget... not to mention the enormous environmental impact they have! Luckily Green Gadgets for Dummies is swooping in for the rescue! Before we get in to a quick breakdown of the awesomeness that is Green Gadgets for Dummies, check out these statistics from Planet Green that show why we need greener gadgets: 15 percent: Percentage of money spent on powering your computer dedicated to computing, worldwide; the rest of … [Read more...]

Buy a Solar Powered Flashlight and Someone Else Gets One Free!

Everyone loves a good BoGo (buy one, get one) deal. SunNight Solar takes the BoGo one step further. You buy a SWEET solar powered flashlight and someone in need of some light (usually in a developing part of the world) gets one for free!Actually, you might say this deal is a Buy One, GIVE One program. Oh and these aren't just nifty solar powered flashlights either. Check out the cool features and specs after the demonstration video! … [Read more...]

Greener Gadgets 09: Planet F*ckers and Energy Suckers

This year's Greener Gadgets Conference in New York yesterday was wonderful, but ironically had little to do with greener gadgets of any kind. Instead of showcasing the latest eco whirly bots or doo dads, the conversation focused more on our need for more sustainable design of "heirloom products" (products that last a LOOOONG time and need not be replaced or recycled every 18 months). The brilliant Saul Griffith delivered the keynote yesterday morning and supplied a quote that both … [Read more...]

3 Cool Ways To Use Twitter To Live Greener

You use Twitter. You like living green. So why not use your twitter account to live greener? What is Twitter? If you're asking that question, I'd like to invite you to come out of the cave you apparently live in and then go read some posts at TwiTip (and maybe a few from the "getting started" section). Whether you just recently signed up for Twitter or have used Twitter since the early days (like me), these 3 ideas are really gonna help you use your Twitter account to live … [Read more...]