Popular Air Purifying Plants: 10 Best Indoor Plants That Clean The Air While Improving Your Home Decor

Best Indoor Plants

Did you know that indoor plants can clean the air and make the environment inside your home healthier? Plant-filled rooms contain up to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Source NASA studies have confirmed that houseplants have remarkable air-cleansing capabilities. Just 1 potted plant located every 100 square feet can make a difference in the air quality inside your home. … [Read more...]

How To Find, Grow, And Care For An Earth-Friendly Living Christmas Tree That You’ll Enjoy For Years

Living Christmas Tree

Have you been wanting to try your hand at growing a living Christmas tree? It's more environmentally friendly than using a fresh-cut or artificial Christmas tree -- and it's fun! What's more, if I can grow a live Christmas tree, you can do it, too. You see, I live in Central Florida, where only a single species of fir and a small array of the common Christmas tree pines can grow. … [Read more...]

Easy Fall Foliage Recycling Ideas: Ways To Reuse Autumn’s Colorful Leaves At Home

fall foliage

When autumn comes and the fall foliage begins changing color, that usually means its time to break the rake out and start bagging up tons of fallen leaves. Must read: 7 Easier Ways To Rake Leaves... And Keep It Fun! Many people just scoop the pounds upon pounds of brown, orange, and yellow leaves into big black yard bags and set them out on the curb in the garbage heap. But as I've learned over the years, there are many more productive things you can do with fallen leaves than just … [Read more...]

3 Unique Ways To Reuse Plastic Garden Pots Inside Your House

reuse plastic pots

I’ve got a little bit of a green thumb, so I tend to wind up with a bunch of plastic pots from the nursery that just got stacked in a rear corner of my garden shed. I started scratching my head on ways that I could reuse those plastic garden pots -- because I wanted to make more space in my very cramped storage area, but didn’t want to put all of those pots in the trash. … [Read more...]

How Going Green Saves Money: 5 Simple Money Saving Green Tips That Worked For Me


A lot of people think that going green means investing in expensive solar panels and recycling machines. That is absolutely not true. I’ve tried out small things that did not cost me huge amounts of money and, in return, I’ve managed to save a lot more money. Following are some simple things that I did around the house and some sensible decisions I made when it came to big purchases -- like buying a car, for example. … [Read more...]

An Effective Natural Weed Killer Recipe That’s Cheap To Make And Easy To Use


Spring is in the air, and we all know what that means: weeds are in full flourish. Normally, I would just take a couple hours once every weekend and proceed to stoop down and yank these weeds out while tending to my housekeeping duties. This year, though, I've decided to try something different: a natural weed killer. Why did it take me this long to abandon the back-grinding ritual of pulling weeds by hand? Honestly, I don't know! But what I do know is that I didn't care to spray weed … [Read more...]

Seaweed Fertilizer: A Great DIY Natural Fertilizer For Your Garden


I’ve been gardening for many years -- both in vegetable beds and using containers on balconies. Whatever the situation has been, one of my annual keys to success is seaweed. It’s true, most other things called ‘weeds’ we’d rather keep out of the yard, but when seaweed is available it’s one of the best kinds of organic fertilizers nature provides. Not only does seaweed supply important nutritional value to soil, it also helps stimulate growth in plants, enhances the dietary value of … [Read more...]

Nature in a Rail Car…Literally

Rail car turned mobile garden

As part of this month’s Art on Track festival in Chicago, some greenies with an artistic twinge (or artists with a green twinge) turned the inside of a rail car into a nature wonderland. The rail car “circled Chicago’s elevated downtown loop for 5 hours with several additional cars decorated with numerous other art installations,” This Is Colossal writes. Art on Track was apparently the “world’s largest mobile art exhibition” and I imagine this is the biggest such “nature on a train” … [Read more...]