Green Anniversary Gift Ideas: Traditional Anniversary Gifts With An Eco-Friendly Twist


A while back, I wrote a post about green anniversary gifts and the one that I gave my love during our first anniversary – poo paper. Well, it was our paper anniversary! Not only did she love the green anniversary gift, but it has since inspired me to think of other green alternatives to the traditional anniversary gifts that romance experts – and greeting card companies – say we should give to our better halves during a special occasion like an anniversary.   … [Read more...]

Recycling Clothes: 4 Fun Ways To Recycle Clothing That Is Too Worn To Be Donated

recycling clothes

When I’m cleaning out my closet (which is a task I don’t do as often as I should!), recycling the clothes I no longer need or wish to wear is something I do to try and stay as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure, there are many clothes that I will donate to shelters and charities, but my rule of thumb is this: if a piece of clothing is too worn for me to wear, it probably is for somebody else, too. So, recycling the clothes that have seen better days is not only the responsible … [Read more...]

Solar Bikinis that Can Power Your iPod, iPhone, & More

Keep your gadgets charged with this sexy solar powered bikini

What’s hotter than a solar panel bikini? Not much for us clean energy geeks. Truthfully, I have to say that this creation of Brooklynite Andrew Schneider looks a little strange, but it’s also quite a cool and interesting concept. Now, you are probably wondering at this point, is this for real? Can you really create solar power from your bathing suit? Can you actually swim in this thing? The answers: yes, yes, and yes. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save Money Greening Your Home


Going green is often portrayed as requiring sacrifice and it’s even considered in many cases that it requires monetary sacrifice. But going green, in essence, is about using resources more wisely and efficiently. Doing so, either through your habits and actions or through the technology and appliances you use, often actually means financial savings. Here’s a list of 5 ways to green your home and save money from doing so (starting with the smaller actions and moving towards the bigger ones … [Read more...]

Shoes that Sprout Wildflowers As Their Final Green Step

Oat shoes

Need a new pair of shoes? Want to go green this time? How about some biodegradable shoes that sprout flowers at the end of their life? No kidding, you can really get such shoes now (or, very soon, depending on where you live). Some Dutch entrepreneurs recently started OAT Shoes and their first collection is about to be launched after two years of research and development. As hinted above, the shoes are made completely of biodegradable materials and packed with “a bouquet of perennial … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Air Dry Your Laundry In Any Space (or Any Season)

Is your dryer just as loud and energy taxing as mine? Call me crazy, but why not use the natural breeze to dry your clothes? Small things that are a part of living greener often times result in being labeled a hippie... even if only playfully so. Personally, I embrace the hippie identity -- to a point. One thing that I just can’t give up, however, is having clean clothes. I think we can all appreciate each other not reeking from being too “natural”, if you know what I mean. When you … [Read more...]

Kigo Footwear Review: Treading Lightly In Style

If you’re like me, the new year has you thinking about getting out and being more active. Kigo Footwear is a company that wants to help you do that in style. Kigo is a company that provides minimalist, eco-friendly footwear for the active person. They strive to provide footwear that is not only durable, but lightweight and stylish as well. Sounds too good to be true, eh? They were cool enough to send us a pair of their Edge and Curv styles to test and review, so read on to see what we … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Green Your Daytime Routine

I started a little series on ways to green your daily routine before the holidays started. And then I got caught up with holiday-related posts for a long time. Now that things have calmed down again, though, I’m coming back to this. The first piece was on how to green your morning routine. So, naturally, this one is on how to green your daytime routine. … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For The Ladies

Following up on last week’s Green Gifts for Guys post, here’s one for the girls. Of course, most of the items on this list could go to guys as well (and same with the previous list)... but these are items that came to mind for the ladies, in particular.   … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For Guys


The holiday season is officially here, and while I often cringe at the thought of shopping or of all the people buying so many unnecessary things now, it is a nice feeling to give and receive gifts. While a lot of gifts are completely unnecessary and contribute to our growing environmental problems, there are many green options nowadays that can be useful without harming our world, and some that can even help it. Here’s my top 10 list of green gifts you can give a guy (and many of them are … [Read more...]