5 Ways To Green Your Daytime Routine

I started a little series on ways to green your daily routine before the holidays started. And then I got caught up with holiday-related posts for a long time. Now that things have calmed down again, though, I’m coming back to this. The first piece was on how to green your morning routine. So, naturally, this one is on how to green your daytime routine. … [Read more...]

Clean Coal: Reality or Myth or…Neither?

The clean coal debate has been raging on for several years now.Can coal really be utilized for energy in a clean and responsible way or is that the dirtiest lie of all time?Maybe it's time for a different perspective on that argument. Afterall, few things in life or so cut and dry.Regardless of what side of the fence you find yourself on, you may leave this post with some questions about your position... … [Read more...]

3 Cool Ways To Use Twitter To Live Greener

You use Twitter. You like living green. So why not use your twitter account to live greener? What is Twitter? If you're asking that question, I'd like to invite you to come out of the cave you apparently live in and then go read some posts at TwiTip (and maybe a few from the "getting started" section). Whether you just recently signed up for Twitter or have used Twitter since the early days (like me), these 3 ideas are really gonna help you use your Twitter account to live … [Read more...]

Official National Vampire Awareness Day: Phantom Load Facts

Everyone knows hanging around a vampire will likely end up [literally] getting the life sucked out of you. Why then do we let so many vampires hang around our homes without even a shred of garlic, a piece of silver, or the ever-handy UV light to vanquish them with? Fear not my friends, for today is National Vampire Awareness Day, as deemed by big box store Best Buy. Wait, Best Buy?? That's right, because we're not talking about REAL vampires (geez you're gullible), we're talking about … [Read more...]

Save LOTS Of Energy (And The Life Of Your Gadgets!) With A Smart Power Strip

In the fight to save energy we find ourselves up against a plethora of foes. Luckily, we also have quite a kick ass arsenal too. I recently told the tale of my experience speaking to some local 3rd grade elementary classes on Earth Day. One of the ways we talked about kids being able to get involved in living green was to take their parents on a ghost hunt to find sources of phantom power draw in their homes. But what's a person to do when you find a mass of energy sucking vampires … [Read more...]

Every Day Is Earth Day… And It STARTS With Our Children

If we continue to misuse our planet's resources and allow it to continue in its spiraling descent into oblivion, who will be the ones to suffer? As a guy in my mid 20's I'll feel a lot of the pain, but it'll be those much younger than me who bear the brunt of the damage we're inflicting today -- and all because we're just lazy. In celebration of Earth Day, I was extended the privilege to speak to a couple of 3rd grade classes at a local elementary school. I really enjoyed getting to … [Read more...]

Cool Green Products: 4 Green Gadgets To Fit Your Style

NBC's Today Show seems to feature at least one "green" story every day... on the days I actually get to watch it, that is. This morning, they highlighted some handy (and trendy) green gadgets that satisfy both the eye and the environment. Many of us are unaware of how easy it is to actually live green. That's the idea behind this blog -- to pass on what I am learning as I dive deeper into the green life, and to learn from you in your endeavors.   … [Read more...]

Phantom Power 101: Ways To Save Energy (And Money!) When Your Electronics Are In Standby Mode


Children are so much more perceptive than we numb adults. They believe in things that our intellect tells us are impossible. The next time your child (if you have any) comes bursting through the door in the middle of the night, screaming about the monster under their bed, believe them. Luckily, there's a surefire way to dispose of that ghost or monster that haunts your child's room... and yours. It's simple really. Would you like to know? Exorcism procedure: Unplug some … [Read more...]