7 Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Ladies

OK, following up on 7 green Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys, here are 7 for the girls: 1. Organic Fair-Trade Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate: Coffee is both the “second-most traded” and “second-most pesticide-laden” crop in the world, from what I’ve read. Go green (and just) this Valentine’s Day by buying your lady (or potential lady) an organic, fair-trade delicacy if she’s a big coffee drinker. And if you want to do a little bonus work, maybe try … [Read more...]

7 Green Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

I’m assuming that the women will get started on acquiring or making Valentine’s Day gifts before the guys, so doing a green Valentine’s gift post with cool green presents for guys first. Here are some ideas (if you don’t have your own yet)... … [Read more...]

Best Free Christmas eCards…and How To Make Your Own

'Tis the season for sending Christmas cards to all the people you love...and the ones you haven't interacted with since this time last year.Instead of spending ALL that time and money shopping for, addressing, and sending paper Christmas cards, send an eCard and save a little green......$840 million to be exact.Check out our favorite sites to send free (no, really!) eCards from...and how to wow your friends by easily creating your own Christmas slideshow! … [Read more...]

12 Easy Ways to Green Your Turkey Day

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving...but I'm already seeing more Christmas propaganda than Thanksgiving. Geez. In our society, this is usually a time of excess, though it doesn't have to be. Be sure to think green as you celebrate Thanksgiving and the harvest. Here are 12 fun and ridiculously easy tips that I've put into practice as I celebrate the bountiful harvest.   … [Read more...]

Red is Out; Go Green This Valentine’s Day

If going green is the foremost thing on your mind this Valentine's Day, you've probably got some more important issues to resolve. *wink, wink* That said, it's ok to let it be about the 3rd or 4th thing on your mind. Here's 4 ways you can go green this Valentine's Day... … [Read more...]

How To Make a Free Christmas eCard Slideshow

Now that we've all decided to live green and simultaneously earn mega cool points by creating a nifty, free, Christmas eCard slideshow AND learned what the environmental benefits are of creating said eCard, let me show you how to go about doing so. *Note: This is part 3 in the Christmas eCard Slideshow series* … [Read more...]

Save $840 Million by Sending a Christmas eCard

This year, Americans are projected to send 2 Billion...that's billion, with a "B"...christmas cards. Multiply 2 Billion by .42 (the cost of postage), and Americans will spend 840 Million dollars, that's $840,000,000, in postage alone during this holiday season. (Dear God, someone please tell me I accidentally added a few extra zeros in there somewhere!) Any idea where those 2 billion cards (and their envelopes) will end up? Yup, the dump! This is part 2 of a series of posts that will show … [Read more...]

Save Paper and Postage with a Christmas eCard Slideshow


How many people are on your Christmas card mailing list? 100? 200? Maybe even more? Multiply whatever number it is by .42 (price of postage), then add in the cost of the cards and/or printing, and you're looking at a nice, hefty bill just to wish people (who are probably mostly strangers to you by now) a Happy Hanuquanzafestimas. Instead, why not put together a free, fun, Christmas ecard in the form of a photo slideshow, complete with falling snowflakes and swaying Christmas tree … [Read more...]