LED Christmas Tree Lights Are Cheap & Green – See For Yourself With This Free Holiday Lighting Energy Calculator!

LED Christmas Tree Lights

I love brightening up the holiday season at home with LED Christmas tree lights and other lighted decorations -- even if that means it'll cost a few more bucks (reindeer?) on the electric bill. And, hey, I don't mind spending the extra money on the power bill to light up the holiday lights because I really just can't imagine the Christmas season without seeing eaves lit up with dozens upon dozens of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple lights. But I've learned over the past few years … [Read more...]

How To Find, Grow, And Care For An Earth-Friendly Living Christmas Tree That You’ll Enjoy For Years

Living Christmas Tree

Have you been wanting to try your hand at growing a living Christmas tree? It's more environmentally friendly than using a fresh-cut or artificial Christmas tree -- and it's fun! What's more, if I can grow a live Christmas tree, you can do it, too. You see, I live in Central Florida, where only a single species of fir and a small array of the common Christmas tree pines can grow. … [Read more...]

30 Fun Ways To Reuse Gift Wrap: Creative, Practical & Downright Crafty Ideas For Reusing Wrapping Paper


Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or meandering through the wintertime holiday season, if you’re surprising loved ones or friends with gifts, then your shopping list most likely includes gift wrap. That may beg the question: how can you reuse gift wrap? Why would you even want to reuse gift wrap? Think of it this way: in addition to being expensive (you can easily spend up to $10 per roll these days for fancy wrapping paper), wrapping paper also consumes a lot of natural resources, … [Read more...]

Green Gifts: 7 Last-Minute Christmas Present Ideas

Green Christmas present ideas

If you’re like me and totally haven’t been thinking about Christmas this year, perhaps you’re still in need of some Christmas gifts. Hopefully, I can help you out with this list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas (green ones, of course). There are all kinds of awesome things to get the greener-minded folks on your Christmas list. The cool thing about giving a green gift to someone who cares about the environment, is that the types of things you may give that person are the types of … [Read more...]

The Best Christmas Present Of All: Give The Gift Of Yourself!

I’ll be the first to say it...getting gifts pretty much rocks! With Christmas coming up, it’s easy to fall into the craziness of the holiday hustle and bustle while searching the stores for that one last perfect gift. Instead of rushing out to the stores, why not take a second, breathe, and decide that you’ll give that loved one the best gift of all -- yourself. That's right, your pure, uninterrupted presence. Don’t get me wrong, physical gifts are great, but time is growing to be an … [Read more...]

7 Last-Minute Green Gifts

OK, if you didn’t get anything on our Green Gifts for Guys list or our Green Gifts for Girls list and you put off buying a Christmas gift for someone (or more than one person) altogether up until now, here are 7 green gift ideas that you can create or purchase to save your ass. … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas: 8 Ways To Wrap Gifts Without Using Wrapping Paper


With Christmas coming up quickly, I know most of us probably still have a lot of last-minute wrapping of presents to do. Well before you go out and buy that cute Santa wrapping paper, think back to last year. What happened after the unwrapping of the presents? You were probably left with a pile of that cute wrapping paper torn to shreds and destined for the trash can. (I know my family has in the past!) Call me crazy, but not only does that seem like a lot of unnecessary waste, but all … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For The Ladies

Following up on last week’s Green Gifts for Guys post, here’s one for the girls. Of course, most of the items on this list could go to guys as well (and same with the previous list)... but these are items that came to mind for the ladies, in particular.   … [Read more...]

10 Green Christmas Gifts For Guys


The holiday season is officially here, and while I often cringe at the thought of shopping or of all the people buying so many unnecessary things now, it is a nice feeling to give and receive gifts. While a lot of gifts are completely unnecessary and contribute to our growing environmental problems, there are many green options nowadays that can be useful without harming our world, and some that can even help it. Here’s my top 10 list of green gifts you can give a guy (and many of them are … [Read more...]