Wildlife Conservation: 3 Unique Wildlife Tours In The U.S. That Support Conservation Efforts


Recently, I wrote about ecotourism and how it can help fund environmental efforts. Now I want to talk about wildlife conservation tourism – yet another exciting concept designed to support ecology and conservation as a whole. Wildlife tourism is one of the most popular methods now for funding environmental conservation while also instilling among tourists a sense of appreciation and curiosity for animals and their special habitats. Think about it this way: wouldn’t you be a little … [Read more...]

7 Last-Minute Green Gifts

OK, if you didn’t get anything on our Green Gifts for Guys list or our Green Gifts for Girls list and you put off buying a Christmas gift for someone (or more than one person) altogether up until now, here are 7 green gift ideas that you can create or purchase to save your ass. … [Read more...]

Video Proof That Unicorns Exist…in Canada

Apparently unicorns exist in Banff, Alberta, Canada. See for yourself: Ok, so this wonderful individual is obviously a wee bit confused. "I thought unicorn was so extinct, buuut unicorn live in Banff," says the narrator. I don't know if unicorns live in Banff, but caribou do...and certain subspecies of North American caribou are endangered. Find out what you can do to help endangered caribou (and maybe even unicorns) at Caribou and You. [Photo: Glitter Pissing] … [Read more...]

Nissan Leaf Commercial = Hugs From A Polar Bear

If polar bears had a labor union they would probably go on strike until the usage of their white fluffiness as a means to impart environmental guilt came to an end. Nissan's new LEAF commercial is a clever bait and switch that polar bears everywhere would be happy with. Move over Lance Armstrong, it's the polar bears' turn in the Nissan spotlight. Our friends at Ecorazzi say, Nissan has released their latest commercial for the upcoming all-electric LEAF. It features a polar bear … [Read more...]

Don’t Buy a Lawn Mower, Rent a Goat

Mowing the lawn is a very time-intensive and also energy-intensive activity. I've heard of people using goats for this job, which seems like a cool and more sustainable way of trimming your lawn and dealing with weeds, but how many people have goats to use for such a task? And it doesn't make much sense for most of us to get a goat just for trimming the grass.Nonetheless, where there's efficiency, there's money to be made, and some creative, environmentally caring entrepreneurs have decided to … [Read more...]

Cute Video Alert: Wild Foxes Jumping On A Trampoline

Wild foxes discovering and jumping on a trampoline is the only motivation anyone could possibly need to minimize their impact on the planet. Don't you think? My favorite part in this video is when the foxes stop playing with each other, look down at the trampoline for a long second, then start jumping. You can almost hear them thinking, "Whoa, WTF?!"  Thanks to my friend Jerry James Stone for tweeting this awesome video from Animal Planet. … [Read more...]

Captive Animals Are Giving Zoo And Aquarium Goers An Eye Full

I'm not a very big fan of zoo's or aquariums. And neither are the animals that have been captured and live there. You know what? The animals are finally acting out about their distaste for being on display in captivity:   Polar bear: "You people destroy my homeland, take me away from it, and now want to gawk at me all day long. Well, take a look at this..." Read on for more crazy (and gross) videos of the animal union taking a stand against being on … [Read more...]