Video Proof That Unicorns Exist…in Canada

Apparently unicorns exist in Banff, Alberta, Canada. See for yourself: Ok, so this wonderful individual is obviously a wee bit confused. "I thought unicorn was so extinct, buuut unicorn live in Banff," says the narrator. I don't know if unicorns live in Banff, but caribou do...and certain subspecies of North American caribou are endangered. Find out what you can do to help endangered caribou (and maybe even unicorns) at Caribou and You. [Photo: Glitter Pissing] … [Read more...]

A Guy Walks In To a Bar and Orders a Pharma-Chemical Laden Water…

Water has become the "civilized" world's new wonder drug...and most of us don't even realize it. The ever-talented Joe Mohr paints the picture in such clever style:Joe says,Between 2006 and 2007, the Southern Nevada Water Authority in Las Vegas screened tap water from 19 US water utilities for 51 different compounds. The 11 most frequently detected compounds are highlighted in the cartoon and described below. … [Read more...]

Cute Video Alert: Wild Foxes Jumping On A Trampoline

Wild foxes discovering and jumping on a trampoline is the only motivation anyone could possibly need to minimize their impact on the planet. Don't you think? My favorite part in this video is when the foxes stop playing with each other, look down at the trampoline for a long second, then start jumping. You can almost hear them thinking, "Whoa, WTF?!"  Thanks to my friend Jerry James Stone for tweeting this awesome video from Animal Planet. … [Read more...]

Funny Quiz: Oil Spill, Seagal, or Van Damme?

Some of BP's oil cleanup tactics sound a lot like bad action movie titles. But hey, what do you expect from a company who turns even a coffee spill into a corporate disaster? came up with a clever quiz to see if you can tell whether or not the phrase is a BP cleanup idea or a actually a Steven Seagall or Jean Claude Van Damme movie title. … [Read more...]

Obesity: The Most Eco-Friendly Way to Live (and Die)

Want to do your part for the planet? Get fat. The fatter the better. Check out this epic eco (and health) fail over at the FAIL Blog. The FAIL Blog says, "Help save the planet by being fat! Whenever you see a fat person cheer for them because they are helping the planet by dying young!" This, by the way, is apparently a card from The Green Game. It's no surprise that it only has a 2-star rating at Amazon, is it? So what do you think?... Is cholesterol the new alternative energy … [Read more...]

Hilarious BP Coffee Spill Parody Video

This is what happens when BP spills coffee during a meeting. What could have been a simple cleanup (not to mention prevented) turns into a ridiculous conglomeration of failed tongue-in-cheek cleanup efforts. Watch: … [Read more...]

Firefox Plugin Leaks Oil All Over BP In Your Web Browser

A new oil spill Firefox plugin began taking the web by storm yesterday. It covers out mentions of BP in a black blob which then proceeds to drip down the screen. Why? As one popular tweet says, "Want BP to f*ck up your browser like they've f*cked up the Gulf? Install the Oil Spill Firefox plugin." Here are some screeshots of how the plugin looks... On On I couldn't resist it. See how many of your Facebook friends are talking about the BP oil spill, at … [Read more...]

Who Knew The Death Star Was So Eco-Friendly?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the Galactic Empire was drawing up plans for a battle station that could p0wn fossil-fuel-loving rebels through a solar energy weapons system. We caption this photo: The Death Star: Your Weapons Are Depletable, Ours Are Renewable. What's your caption? Check out this image and more funny Star Wars images at Caveman Circus's: Starwars in Odd Places, Episode II. … [Read more...]

Liquid Mountaineering: Now You and Jesus Can Have a Foot Race on Water

Have you heard of the newest eco extreme sport?  It's called liquid mountaineering (I just call it pure awesomeness). Check it out: Thanks to my friend Shea Gunther, who introduced me to liquid mountaineering and posted the awesome video at Bubble buster: Ok, I can't keep you on the hook any longer. As much as it saddens me to tell you this, there is no such thing as liquid mountaineering. This video is just a very well produced advertisement – or rather, … [Read more...]