Two-Color, Solar Powered, SunJar-Like Lamp Review


With summer fast approaching, I know I am looking forward to warm evenings spent out on my porch... maybe a good brew in hand as well. Now as the light fades off into the night, wouldn’t it be great to have a lamp to set the ambiance that you could turn on that wouldn’t waste energy? Yeah, I think it’d be pretty cool too. … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids a Green Jump Start at an Eco Summer Camp


Do you ever wish that you would have learned the cool “green” stuff that you know now, a few years earlier? If so, why not give your kids, or kids you know, a chance to do just that...a jumpstart on learning, if you will. How you might ask? Summer camp of course! Don’t get me wrong, there’s always the option of giving a green book to read, but eco-friendly camp just sounds WAY more fun. Read on to check out a list of several great ones.   … [Read more...]

Edible Cups Made With Natural Ingredients & Flavors… And They’re Litter-Friendly!

Littering is cool. So, if you haven’t gone and reported me to the “green” police by now, I’ll explain what I mean. A company by the name of The Way We See The World has designed a line of Jelloware cups that are edible, as well biodegradable. As if that wasn’t cool enough, if you end up throwing the cup in the grass after use, it will actually provide added nutrients to the grass! So who thinks this might be the perfect cup for all those outside spring and summer cocktail parties? … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Air Dry Your Laundry In Any Space (or Any Season)

Is your dryer just as loud and energy taxing as mine? Call me crazy, but why not use the natural breeze to dry your clothes? Small things that are a part of living greener often times result in being labeled a hippie... even if only playfully so. Personally, I embrace the hippie identity -- to a point. One thing that I just can’t give up, however, is having clean clothes. I think we can all appreciate each other not reeking from being too “natural”, if you know what I mean. When you … [Read more...]

11 Unusual Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags

Something that happens to me, more often than I care to admit, is that realize I've left all my reusable bags in my car while I'm standing in the line at the grocery store waiting to check out. Oh so useful, right? If you ever find yourself in this situation you could definitely make a mad dash to the car to get the bags. However, if you don’t feel like working up a sweat, then just checkout as normal and get the plastic grocery bags. Plastic bags???? Worldwatch Institute estimates that … [Read more...]

Kigo Footwear Review: Treading Lightly In Style

If you’re like me, the new year has you thinking about getting out and being more active. Kigo Footwear is a company that wants to help you do that in style. Kigo is a company that provides minimalist, eco-friendly footwear for the active person. They strive to provide footwear that is not only durable, but lightweight and stylish as well. Sounds too good to be true, eh? They were cool enough to send us a pair of their Edge and Curv styles to test and review, so read on to see what we … [Read more...]

Soon You Will Be Able to Rent a Nissan LEAF From Enterprise

Let's be are pretty cool.They allow us to travel from one place to another in a short amount of time and when we so choose. But what happens when you travel out-of-town and have to rent a car that isn't as comfortable, high-tech, or fuel-efficient as your car at home?Enterprise, the company that “picks you up”, is out electric rental cars this month to 8 different markets equipped with adequate charging stations. … [Read more...]

Green DIY Project: Transform An Old Tomato Cage Into A Funky Outdoor Lantern

With the new year, brings some chilly weather outside, at least where I live. If you’re looking for things to do while bundling up and keeping warm inside, why not work on creating something for those warmer months? I’m talking about repurposing a tomato cage into a funky, personalized outdoor light. How cool is that? Even though it seems like spring and summer are far away, time has a tendency to sneak up on us and eventually it’ll be that time of year. With your personalized light … [Read more...]