Generate Your Own Home Electricity With the $9.99 HydroWOW

Have you ever wished you could generate your own electricity?

Well stop considering investing thousands of dollars in solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal systems. The HydroWOW turns any faucet in your home into a mini hydro-electric power plant!

The more you run your water, the more electricity you generate! The best part is that the HydroWOW will only set you back $9.99!


The HydroWOW is a project of the good folks at Tree Humper (a great site for people who really love the environment).

How does the HyrdoWOW work?

The product details page says it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Attach the HyrdoWOW to your faucet.
  2. Turn the water on before you leave for work.
  3. Let the HydroWOW save the Earth and reduce your electric bill.

The people behind the HydroWOW say, “Depending on your water pressure you can generate between a lot and a wicked lot of electricity!

What inspired the creation of the HydroWOW?

“We were so moved by the recent groundswell of people going green, that we decided to join in,” said HydroWOW executives. “We are passionate about going Green (by ‘going’ we mean making) and that’s why we developed the HydroWOW.”

(You still don’t think this is a real product – or even a good idea for one – do you? It is Funny Friday here at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, after all.)

Please tell me why this is NOT a good idea for a real-world product in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The people behind Tree Humper, which is part of the Live Oak network, are truly some of my dearest green media friends…but I can’t reveal their identities…lest I have to kill you shortly thereafter. “They” say,

“We are passionate environmentalists who don’t take ourselves too seriously.  Outside of Tree Humper we are professionals fighting to save the world but if the world isn’t having a bit of fun, what’s the point?  We hope the things you find here give you a smile, make you think… or make you shake your head.”

Obviously we’re all about having fun…this is The FUN Times Guide to Living Green.


Yo. I'm Jeffrey. I think every little step is an awesome one when it comes to living green... but eco-snobbery sucks.

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  • Wayne Walker

    Perhaps I am not understanding this, but are they suggesting leaving the water running all day? If so, that is a really BAD idea! Great to generate electricity whenever running water but it would be extremely irresponsible to run the water for no other reason than to generate electricity.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Hey Wayne, sorry I confused ya. As you can see from Michelle’s comment, the product is fictitious and satirical…but couched as a real product. It takes poking around the HydroWOW site a little bit to realize that it’s all in good fun.

      So you’re right, it would be a TERRIBLE idea to leave the water running all day just to generate electricity.

      • Jim

        I thought about it… what if WHEN you HAD to run the water (think installed
        at the meter) it did generate electricity – or charged a battery pack

        • Jeffrey Davis

          dude, now that’s actually an idea right there. i guess the issue would be how to tie it back into the electric grid. Having to do that, i’m sure, would cost a lil more than $9.99. ha.

          • Jim

            probably not much more difficult than getting a solar panel or windmill back
            into the grid. I just wonder how much pressure goes through a water line –
            and how much it would spin the impeller to generate electricity. I would
            imagine that it would be a little more viable at the source – as in the
            water company main line.

            Hey Jeffrey – maybe we should patent this idea

          • Jeffrey Davis

            i’m with ya man. let’s do it.

  • Michelle

    That was hilarious! I especially love the part about turning the water on before leaving for work. The whole thing looks so realistic. The website had me literally LOL. We really do need something like that though.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Glad u liked it Michelle. When my friends that run TreeHumper and the Live Oak Network first sent it to me I laughed…and then I second guessed that laugh. I was like, “wait, are you serious? is that thing real? You know that’s not a good idea, right?”

      So they fooled me initially as well. ;-)

  • Suz

    Great concept even if not in actual use (yet). So now instead of this being an extreme and awful waste of water, let’s make it practical and design a capture/recycle system (drain to funnel to hose to rain barrel) for the water that you leave running all day to generate the electricity you are trying to produce. It’ll take up all the area in my small kitchen, but wait!! I work from home so I don’t have the need to leave and let the water run unattended… add the water filter, then the electricity attachment, I’ll need some of those giant steel canisters they use at the dairy farms, anyone know where I can get some cheap? :)

  • Anonymous

    It COSTS electricity to run your water….what do you think is PUMPING the water to your faucet? Duh………

  • jacky mosre

    There is actually another way to reduce electricity bill which most of us do not know. This trick works like a lightning works. Using earth to supply an electric polarity. I can not post the article here as it may be copyrighted material, checkout the source here:

    Good luck, happy to share with you, hope you find it useful.

  • Nowwhocouldthatbe

    Yes folks, come one, come all, leave your faucets on and waste fresh water to generate piddly amounts of energy. Because fresh water covers over 1% of the Earth, we have tons to spare!

    • Jeffrey Davis

      If you read the other comments (and can detect the satirical tone of the article itself) you’d see that this is just a mockup for the point of humor…we obviously know that such a device would be incredibly wasteful in reality. Thanks for commenting though.

  • randy

    does anyone,actually have one, i would to see it.